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Default furring channels for new construction

They are also known as DWC or hat channel. They make really great
furring strips. They make really lousy studs, rafters, joists,
etc. Lesson learned, don't buy a pig in the poke. Any commercial
drywaller will probably give you your money back.

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"easy" wrote in message
I picked up a couple hundred pieces of what looked to me like
studs at an auction for $10. Since then I have found out that
are "Furring Channels". They are 7/8 in deep and 12 feet long
gauge galvinized steel.

I am now planning out building a 8X8 shed. I was plannning to
2x4s and 2x6's for the framing and plywood for the floors and
and courigated steel for the roof.

I would like to know if there is any way I can use these furring
channels to take the place of any of the wood materials that I
otherwise have to buy. Can they be used under the plywood floor
place of the 2x6's? Can they be used to hold up the walls or
roof in
place of 2x4's? Any ideas are welcome.

If there is no application for these Furring Channels, any ideas
I could do with them?