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Default Opinions- BJ's service, 'year round sun room'

Hi, just checking to see if any have any experience with their services.
Granted you wont be in my area (Virginia Beach) but any notes on this type
of 'year round sunroom' product?

The back room that was pretty much destroyed, is now ready for renovation.
We signed up for some free brocures and a free home estimate.

The roof is solid. The posts appear solid. 2 exterior walls will need to
be 'replaced' and the inner left side which faces the rest of a long
screened back porch 'seems ok' (4th wall is fine, used to be outside wall of

I have no remote idea on costs of such. Cant hurt to get a free estimate
though g. I did not another with a thread on a leakage problem, but they
had a roof problem before it and I do not. The 'roof' of the house was
properly extended to add a huge screened back porch the entire lenght of the
house and later, this corner section was 'snicked off' to make an additional
living space. Termed 'enclosed porch' by the local area codes.