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Default I plunged, I auged, now I'll reckon I'll rent a snake

On Mar 20, 7:11*pm, " wrote:
Ahh stop a moment

Does the toilet flush solids fine with a bucket of water? if so the
interior water passages and bowl rim are likely the problem, its
easily solved for under 10 bucks and 15 minutes, no removing the
toilet necessary

you key statement was stuff spinning around,.

Not meaning to be ignorant but so far all these experts have told you
all the wrong thing ! 1 I f you can't get it out with a toilet auger
then you need to lift the toilet . 2 don't waste your money on a big
snake just a waste of time , Take the bowl up use a waxring not rubber
as they dry out if you use toilet bowl cleaner . 3 Once the bowl is up
run snake thru the reverse way don't ever use rag wrapped to the auger
as if you get it caught in the bowl you have two plugs not one. 4 if
still won't work get a pro or if the unit is older than 15 yrs get a
new toilet. Iam a master plumber so you don't have to believe me if
you want. And when you seat a ring don't seat on it right off just
rock side to side and back to front slowly rocking when you have ot
on the floor solid then seat slowly on it , if you seat on it right
away you push wax over your pipe opening.