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Default Plumbing question

I want to tap into an existing cold water line in my garage. Without
giving more explanation than necessary, I want to know if I can de-
solder the bottom of a T connection without ruining the two straight
connections across the top. In this case, the two parallel connections
are 3/4 inch, and the connection I want to remove the pipe from is 1/2
inch. Can I wrap the joints I want to leave in place with a wet cloth?
Is that even necessary? Thanks in advance for any help.

Assuming you can drain all the water from the lines/fitting,
yes, you can desolder the 1/2" line.

If you cool the other 2 joints with wet cloth, it will take
more heat/longer to desolder the 1/2". Trade off.
Can the surrounding structure withstand all the heat?
Place metal heat shield between the fitting and anything
likely to burn.