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RicodJour wrote:

On Mar 11, 11:03 am, Smitty Two wrote:
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RicodJour wrote:
I know plenty of intelligent
people who are stupid, and I don't know a single wise person that is

The second part of this sentence implies that stupid is the opposite of
intelligent, and is unrelated to wisdom. The first part contradicts the
idea that stupid is the opposite of intelligent, and implies that it is
the opposite of wise.

What did you mean to say?

I meant exactly what I wrote, but I'll be happy to clarify it for
you. You're inferring that I meant there is no correlation between
intelligence and wisdom, but I certainly did not imply it. There are
many types of intelligence, purportedly seven, but most often some
sort of test-taking is the barometer of intelligence.

All doctors and lawyers are intelligent or they'd never have
graduated, and that puts them in the upper levels of 'intelligence'.
Some of the stupidest people I know are doctors and lawyers. Eliot
Spitzer is a very intelligent man - he is not a wise man, and in fact
is fairly stupid. Is that any clearer?


Is it any clearer? No, it isn't. But thanks for the effort.