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Default What bait to use in mousetraps?

On Tue, 11 Mar 2008 16:10:09 -0800, "SteveB"

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On Mar 8, 11:55 am, cavedweller wrote:
On Mar 8, 8:43 am, wrote:

I've had no mouse activity this Fall/Winter, then all of the sudden
within the last week there's poop everywhere.

I've put traps out. I have 2 kinds: spring traps, and the kind that
squeeze the mouse until he suffocates (my favorite).

I baited them with peanut butter, and the little *******s lick them
clean every night! I don't know how they do it. I've tested the
traps and they all have hair triggers. They usually go off when I'm
just setting them down.

What should I bait them with that will cause the little pricks to have
to work at it?

Here's a link, too:

Check this out:

Sometimes, the simplest way is the best. That's nice.


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