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Default What bait to use in mousetraps?

cavedweller wrote:

On Mar 8, 8:43 am, wrote:

I've had no mouse activity this Fall/Winter, then all of the sudden
within the last week there's poop everywhere.

I've put traps out. I have 2 kinds: spring traps, and the kind that
squeeze the mouse until he suffocates (my favorite).

I baited them with peanut butter, and the little *******s lick them
clean every night! I don't know how they do it. I've tested the
traps and they all have hair triggers. They usually go off when I'm
just setting them down.

What should I bait them with that will cause the little pricks to have
to work at it?

Skewer a plastic jar and lid (maybe a peanut butter jar) on a bent
wire coat hanger to make a spinning "log".
Bend the coat hanger to position the log over the center of a wide
mouth bucket that contains a couple of inches of water. Smear a ring
of peanut butter around the diameter of the log in the middle (smear
it evenly so the log still spins).
Put the whole thing where the mice can get to the top of the bucket
and wait.
Nothing like seeing a mouse swimming in the bottom of the bucket.
I've even had doubles.

Sounds like a significant improvement over the water traps we used in
our dorm rooms over 50 years ago.

Our kind had to be reset each time a mouse crawled out onto the ruler
and tipped it and himself into the bucket.

Thanks for the mammaries,


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