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Default Ancillary roofing considerations

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news I admit to not taking notes when this topic was discussed recently, but
I'm planning to have a new roof put on this year.

I recall that others had expected theroofersto do some things that,
apparently,roofersdon't do unless specifically addressed and included
in the contract - yet they are things that ought to be done concurrently
by someone, anyway. What were those things? (The roof is a simple,
low-pitch gable.)

Proper drip edges into the gutters, so the roofing doesn't have to stick way
over the gutters, making cleaning the gutters a pain.

Check. Are you insinuating that somerooferswould remove the old drip
edges, and not replace them but extend the shingles out too far instead?

It seems that the standard these days requires a significant overhang if there
is not an appropriate drip edge. On my re-roof, I specified that the gutters
must be easily cleanable on the contract. When they started to put a 1 1/2"
overhang on my 3x4 cedar gutters, I pointes out that I could barely get a finger
into the gutter to claen them. They had to remove the initial shingles and add a
custom drip edge to make them properly cleanable.

One of those gutter cleaning "robots" would probably not work with the big
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