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Default What bait to use in mousetraps?

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I use a live trap emptied at least twice a day,

I release them to the outdoors where they belong.

frankly i prefer to not kill anything unnecessarily.......

since something out there will kill me someday

I sealed the house well and dont keep a food source around. my big
mistake was the 50 pound sack of sunflower seeds............

with a plentiful food source, nice cozy house and one pregnant mouse.

over 40 went out in the live trap/ a few old geezers did die, probably
from old age and fear.. they were very grey like a old person.

dont kill them just relocate.

An owls nest would be a good place to relocate the buggers. Some times
killing things is good. Mice and insects, venomous snakes, pathogenic
bacteria and viruses. This list is not at all complete.


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