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Default Oil paint no longer available

From what I read, at least in some places it's only the 1 gallon
containers that are banned. 5 gallon and quart containers are still

And everything oil based is harder to get these days since almost
everyone is using latex for everything (even stuff they really should
be using oil based paint for). I have not previously heard of anyone
having provlems getting oil based polyeurethane though. I live in one
of the offending states and have no problem finding gallons of oil
based polyeurethane.

'oil' based is really a way of saying solvent based....

The one quart exemptions are still in place except in California.
5 gal units not except.

many urethanes are being reformulated with lower VOCs, still in
many places you can paint your car with coating X but not your
outdoor grill because the car is 'mobile equipment' but the grill
is not.

I have a web page that explains a lot of this...

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