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Default Oil paint no longer available

"Buck Turgidson" wrote in message
I was told my B Moore here in Virginia the same thing. I wanted to buy a
gallon of their polyurethane to refinish my HW floors. They told me they
could only sell it in quarts due to VOC rules.

Yet 1 mile down the road, Home Depot sells Minwax poly by the gallon. I
think they even have a brand of poly in 5 gallon cans in their tool rental

Not sure I get it. Maybe Minwax is VOC compliant?

Seems to be a lot of confusion and the regulations are wacky too from what
I've been told.

Certain stores have an exemption for some period of time, some regions have
exemptions for some period or time. Some manufacturers have already decided
to phase out the oil base while others will continue for a while. Old stock
can continue to be sold.

Of course, that does not directly answer your question either.