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Default Trace acoustic TA100R, combo , 1994

Loss of reverb effects. But of course when I try it all present and correct.
Other than attending to the usual suspects ,anyone know of a specific
problem with these?

Presumably unconnected problem - anyone know what the 1.5x1.5x1 inch epoxied
block is that has fallen (safely because of plastic housing) against the
power transistors is, 5 wire ribbon connected ?

Owner reports that the moveable notch filter has never worked.
I try it with sig gen and operates over 120 to 1200 Hz , noticeably reducing
the throughput.
Is he likely top thing it should totally suppress at the chosen notch f ? .
If I put a scope on it , what would the usual dB peak cut be of such a
notch, generally speaking, not necessarilythis Trace amp?

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