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Default Remove icemaker??

On Oct 29, 1:22 pm, "lee h" wrote:
So, for securely taping the connections, regular electrical tape?
And, the big question (since I can already hear my wife) will this
leave a big ugly hole in the freezer with exposed wires?

Electric tape is fine. You'll probably be left with a couple of
holes in the back panel. After taping the connector, push it
gently thru it's entrance hole. For cosmetics, use double-sided
tape to fasten a small plastic piece to cover the holes?

BTW, you probably just need to 'loosen' the top two screws
and remove the bottom screw. Then the icemaker will slide
up to clear the top two mounting screws.

i'd put the 3 screws back in after removing the icemaker to
allow future re-installation of it with no missing parts.

Thanks much. Appreciate the help. I'll give it a try!!