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Default Remove icemaker??

But, since I plan never to use the icemaker again, nor hook it back
up, is there anyway to easily remove it and make more room available
in the freezer?

1. Unplug fridge's AC power cord from wall.
2. three screws hold ice maker to the side wall. remove top 2
3. While supporting icemaker with left hand, remove bottom
4. As you lower the icemaker you'll see an inline 'molex' type
connector with probably 4 wires. Unplug connector.
5. Remove icemaker from freezer. Securely tape openings
to the connector remaining in fridge.
6. Plug fridge back into wall.

If not, is it "safe" to leave the icemaker "on" even with no water
connection. Or will it use tons of electric, burn-up, etc.???

Safe, yes. Not tons, perhaps a few ounces. But why not
restore the water supply? You don't like or use ice cubes?