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Default Counterytop doesn't meet tiles

On Oct 21, 1:45 pm, Manster wrote:
Dee Dee wrote:

But we can't get any advise on what product or technique to fill the
space between the Cambria countertops and the tile if we do not want
to replace all the tile.

Any comments appreciated.

Dee Dee

Wow - tons of good ideas given already, but you may consider having some
of the countertop material cut into narrow strips and have them put a
rounded edge on the top of it. Square edge on bottom to sit on the
counter. Similar to this picture.

Thin enough to not be too obtrusive and tall enough to cover the gap it
could sit down tight to the countertop w/ the rounded edge on top,
butted end to end tight together. Stick the pieces on the tile with a
thin bead of silicone.

Thanks, All. We are not dealing with the installer or supplier
anymore. A small bullnose type quarter-round in the Cambria material
is not feasible (see next paragraph) but we are considering this type
of solution with a bull-nose or quarter-round tile piece using
silicone, thanks to the suggestions.

They said the wall is too irregular for a solid long backsplash in the
Cambria material, so maybe a shorter tile overlapping will be the

Thanks for confirming not to use grout.

Dee Dee