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Default Counterytop doesn't meet tiles

On Oct 21, 12:36 am, Big_Jake wrote:
4. We have been to a paint store and matched our grout to a
successful color and he has already bought the tile and grout to
match; but Husband thinks the hole is too large to fill with grout.
hmmm ---

You would never fill a gap between a horizontal and vertical surface
with grout anyway.

Why is that?

By the scale of your photos, it almost looks small
enough to caulk. Maybe with a caulk backer rod

What is a caulk backer rod?

and a close color
match for the caulk (tile store), you might be able to make it work.
If you are a good caulker, a pro should do it so it will look

A paint store matched grout???


Yes, we have matched the grout that we have in place now. We have used
the grout replace some of the other tiles.

No, we have not matched a caulk to the color of our grout.