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Default This Old [millionaires] House

"Eric" wrote in message
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$30k complete kitchen remodel is actually cheap. $30k may just barely
cover high end appliances. $100K kitchen madeover is not that unusual.

The trick is to spend $30K and have it look like $100K. DIY, layout
planning, material selection and smart shopping helps a lot.

"Smart shopping"... starting with skipping the high end appliances! :^)

My $350 GE dishwasher washes dishes (that's its job, right?) as well as
any fancy model with a stainless front panel.

Eric Law

Yeah...I don't understand this high end appliance thing. I know someone who
remodeled their kitchen and installed a $4000.00 Viking range. My son hung
out at the kid's house often over a period of 5 years. He said the fanciest
food he ever saw made was Stouffer's frozen mac & cheese. On a typical day,
it was take out pizza or Chinese food.