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Default This Old [millionaires] House

willshak wrote:

on 10/19/2007 11:44 AM Bill said the following:

I don't know about you, but these home improvement shows are WAY
beyond my budget lately.

I was watching This Old House last night and they had a $3000.00 plus
consultant hired in to study backyard water drainage and give
recommendations. Then they hired a crane to cut down a tree! (So they
could "lower" it down gently.) I'm sure that cost a pretty penny.

I just can't relate to these shows anymore so far as my home goes and
my budget. ($30,000.00 for a kitchen remodel, $60,000.00 to fix the
place up a bit, etc.)

Most people I know are hard pressed to come up with a few thousand
dollars for home projects...

A lot of the stuff is provided free. Just say "Thanks to xxxxx Plumbing
Supplies" etc., in the credits.

AIUI, the companies providing stuff have to provide a *LOT* of
product, far more than
actually gets used on the project in the TOH show, and pay a hefty cash
fee for
the products to be shown on the TOH show.

Morash's production company is, again AIUI, *not* a non profit
educational outfit,
and sure doesn't operate like one.