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Default another mystery tool - what the heck is this thing really?

thanks, it looks like I can't update the title after all since there is a
bid on it - I'll bet this thing isn't cheap if you need one - I don't have
anything Diesel to use it with but it's gratifying to know what it's for - I
suppose the two gauges mean that it does both the "heavy duty" and "light
duty" measurements that are shown in the link you provided.

my real question is, how the heck did you figure it out - had you seen one
of these before and already knew what it was, or should I attempt to learn
some new trick at the foot of a true master:????
"RLM" wrote in message
On Mon, 03 Sep 2007 22:10:19 -0700, william_b_noble wrote:

some sort of high pressure solvent sprayer, I presume - I can't find
anything on line about it and I'd sure like to know - I put it on
because I got to get rid of it, and that's a convenient way to show
photo and desctiption - it's a Bosch tool, beyond that, I'm at a loss

thanks for your help in identifying it

bill N

It's for setting up fuel injection nozzles. Setting cracking pressure and
checking spray pattern.

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