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Default New workshop and boxes (closure)

Nobo Dy wrote:
| "Morris Dovey" wrote in
| news:460ba0ab$0$504$815e3792
|| Morris Dovey wrote:
|| It's not exactly FWW, but I thought folks might be interested in
|| seeing a self-heating shop and how it went together.
| Looking at the second picture; is there any issue with dust
| being pulled into the collector? Even with excellent filtration,
| I'd expect something to get into the panels. How would one clean
| the interior?

Excellent question. It's easy for dust to be sucked into the intakes,
but (I'm not sure why) relatively little completes the convoluted path
to the front absorber/heat exchange section, although the almost five
year old 12' panel in my shop has managed to accumulate a fair amount
of MDF dust without having its performance noticably degraded.

If the dust accumulation reaches problem levels, the only remedy is to
remove the twinwall polycarbonate glazing, vacuum it out, wipe the
aluminum slats with a damp cloth, and replace the glazing.

The building owner and I had a discussion about the desirability of
shop dust collection yesterday. :-)

Morris Dovey
DeSoto Solar
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