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Default Face frame (corner) clamps

Warren Weber wrote:

| Morris... I have not seen that type of clamp before. Must get some.
| Looks better than the corner clamps I use. W W

Me too. I bought one each of the corner and right-angle clamps from
Grizzly, liked them because they make some pocket joinery easier, and
then bought a bunch of them from Menards for this project when it
looked like the alternative would be a pair of 6' and a pair of 8'

They're still available from Grizzly, McFeelys sells 'em, and there're
probably other sources - but Menards' appear to have higher quality
castings and smoother Acme lead screws, and the price is a couple of
dollars less than either Griz or McFeely.

For this project I used eight corner clamps and nine right angle
clamps and they saved my backside because all joints needed to be
glued within one 10-minute period. I got it all done in eight
minutes - but it was still a /very/ busy eight minutes. :-)

If you get the clamps and the PSA abrasive pads on the jaws seem too
rough, they can be peeled off and replaced with something more
appropriate to the job at hand. I replaced mine with some outdoor PSA
non-slip stair tread tape - and it didn't mar the poplar I was working

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