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Default Jet 1442 problem pics

I spoke to Jet about it and they agree with you that it's a wavy washer. At
first I thought it had just been beat to hell while bouncing around in
there, but the 'waves' are too uniform.. What Jet thought was weird is that
it's not even a part of the motor, it's a part that goes on the lathe
spindle. Somehow, during manufacturing, it got dropped or whatever into the
motor prior to it getting closed up. The good news is that a different one
was installed correctly on the lathe spindle. I guess I will find out
whether it did any damage to the motor today when I put it back together.

Thank you for your help.


"Bill Rubenstein" wrote in message
. ..
That piece looks like a wavy washer. They are used, I think, to take up
end float on the shaft. Ain't goin'ta work very well if it ain't on the
shaft though!