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Default How can I make this?

Remember that the distance between the points you show at the top and the
bottom cannot exceed the dimension of the material and all of the parallel
faces must be the same distance apart. Thus if the points are 4", the faces
must be less than 4".

I would suggest building a jig that would allow you to support the post
between centers (like on lathe) with an indexing disk, and support a router
above the post such that the router bit can be lowered to come in contact
with the post. Using an indexing disk with 10 equally spaced holes around
the diameter, rotate the post, lock it in place and use a dado bit to
flatten each face. The jig should be pretty straight forward to build.
Start with a 2x8 longer than your post and a couple of saw horses. Then
most of the rest can be built of sheet goods. I think it might be easier to
allow the centers to move up and down rather than trying to make the router
support platform adjustable.

Good luck and send us some pictures when you get everything worked out.

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I have a 4x4 x 6' post. I would like the center to be cut at 22 deg
angle (I
think) all the way around, to give it circular look. The tops and
bottoms should remain square. (maybe with the corners beveled off).

I have a table saw, router table and hand held router and various
other common hand tools.

Is this possible without making it in three sections? I hope this
makes sense!


Actually it appears the angles would be 36 deg all the way around, a
decagon is the shape I am after:

begin 666 150px-Decagon.svg[1].png
Attachment decoded: 150px-Decagon.svg[1].png

You do realize that making a decagon would require you to face all 10
sides, including those parallel to the original post faces?

hmmm, maybe I am missing something, but it looks like 2 sides would be
left unfaced? (left and right sides in the pic)

The octagon would be a lot easier to lay out...

True, but that's not the look I am going for.