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Phil McKerracher
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Default How strict should my Cat5 installation be?

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You did use EN50117 double screened co-ax didn't you Phil?

No. Should I have?

You will have to replace it then at some point.

It's a mishmash of whatever was to hand, to be honest. From memory none

it looked as if it had two screens though. Seems to work fine anyway.

The correct, approved cable is branded every metre down its length,
regardless of manufacturer. You will find that when the great analogue
closedown happens, or you want digital terrestrial beforehand, your
screening will be very likely inadequte. This will result in picture

/ breakup every time your 'fridge' thermostat switches etc. Approved cable
also has better loss and tilt specifications than conventional run of the
mill cables.

I believe you, but at the moment single shielded coax comes from an antenna
in the roofspace to the lounge, the satellite and VCR carriers are added, it
goes to a distribution system under the stairs then back up to a bedroom
(sharing a cable duct with active 100 Mbit/s ethernet and three-wire phone
extensions), where it's decoded without any problems by a digital
terrestrial receiver. Touch wood. So it's not that bad. Admittedly we're
almost line of sight from Crystal Palace.

A good point to bear in mind if I have to lift the floorboards again though.

Phil McKerracher