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Default Thorn proofing wheelbarrow tyre

raden wrote:
With Ultraseal I think 'small enough' is about 6mm diameter ;-)

'Slime' is fine for cycles but isn't man enough for bigger stuff

All the best ..

T i m

p.s. Although Ultraseal is not supposed to be use *after* a puncture I
have personal experience of it being used so on both a motorbike
(Fireblade) and my old Sierra and neither had issues with that actual
problem or further punctures after that ..

It cured a slow leak on my Suzi

Having had the only indication of a tyre carcass starting to fail being
its slow deflation over several weeks I wouldn't use any products like
this in road tyres, when removed for checking the casing ply wires were
comming through the inner lining, with a sealant in place the first sign
might have been rather more dramatic!