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Default Thorn proofing wheelbarrow tyre

Huge wrote:
On 2007-01-30, The Natural Philosopher wrote:
Robert wrote:
I am fed up with repairing punctures caused by thorns from the various
shrubs scattered around our perimeter. I was thinking of using some
'Slime' inner tube sealant but it occurred to me that I should be able
to line the inner of the tyre with something that is relatively flexible
but thorn proof. I understand that something is available for bicycle
tyres but I imagine that it would be far too narrow for the barrow tyre.
Grateful for any suggestions for a readily available lining material
which would need to be 70mm or more wide.

There are two basic CAN get some sort of kevlar banding
that is really puncture proof, but I have been - on the advice of a
local farmer - injecting the slime every time a wheel on my lawn tractor
goes flat. None so injected have gone flat again. It really works. Try it.

Me too.

The slime isn't cheap (about 15 quid for 1.5 litres, IIRC) but it's
a damn sight cheaper than repeatedly mending lawn tractor tyres or
new ones at GBP22 each.

Dead right. A fiver to get em fixed with a 20 mile round trip, or a 2
hour wrestle with levers and bowls of water. I got fed up with it
frankly. Was getting 2-3 punctures per cut..

The gloop juts works..

Farmer uses it in his off road 4 wheelers that he scurries around on to
check the farm out..all the tracks are alongside thorn hedges..