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Default Thorn proofing wheelbarrow tyre

In message , Robert
I am fed up with repairing punctures caused by thorns from the various
shrubs scattered around our perimeter. I was thinking of using some
'Slime' inner tube sealant but it occurred to me that I should be able
to line the inner of the tyre with something that is relatively
flexible but thorn proof. I understand that something is available for
bicycle tyres but I imagine that it would be far too narrow for the
barrow tyre.
Grateful for any suggestions for a readily available lining material
which would need to be 70mm or more wide.

An alternative might be to fit a tyre having a higher ply rating than
the cardboard jobs usually fitted to wheelbarrows.

This not likely to suit ride-on mowers where a more rigid tyre might rut
grass in soft conditions.


Tim Lamb