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Default Thorn proofing wheelbarrow tyre

On Mon, 29 Jan 2007 23:57:29 +0000, Robert

I am fed up with repairing punctures caused by thorns from the various
shrubs scattered around our perimeter. I was thinking of using some
'Slime' inner tube sealant but it occurred to me that I should be able
to line the inner of the tyre with something that is relatively flexible
but thorn proof.

My Mate (a gardener) was constantly (every other day) suffering flat
tyres due to thorns on the ride-on mower he used on one of his regular

I suggested, the owner bought and my mate 'fitted' "Ultraseal" to all
four (big 'balloon) tyres and he hasn't suffered a single puncture
since. ;-)

I believe it's designed for tubeless tyres but has been used on tubed
tyres with good results (are any wheelbarrow wheels tubeless these

It's more 'industrial' than cycle 'slime' and water soluble etc etc.

(just some info .. no connection with the product other than a happy
user in all our trailers / motorcycles etc etc).

All the best ..

T i m