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Default neighbor built over my property line

Before I'd go to the expense of hiring a surveyor I'd find a friend
who has a metal detector and find your property stakes. At settle-
ment you should have been given a plat map of your property. If
you find that the walk is on your side of the line I'd check with
the county to see what your options are. Do you know if your
neighbor had a permit to put in the walk? There should have
been an inspection, at least they do in my county. If all
else fails make an appointment for a free consultation before
deciding. If you're on good terms I'd talk to your neighbor
when you have all the facts. Or, you may just decide to forget
it, you're probably not going to be using those 6 inches anyway
and if there is an easement issue his walk will have to come up.

Good Luck
"Patches Forever" wrote in message
I have a fence that encircles my property and (I believe) it is built 6
inches inside of my property line. A few years ago one of my neighbors
poured a concrete walk right up against the fence, i.e. it is 6 inches
the line. I never said anything because it doesn't cause me a problem,
however he is now going to sell his house and I think he should cut the
walkway back to his edge of the line (at least) before he sells. I
talked to him about it yet but I will be doing so soon. I may need to get
surveyor to establish the property line. Then, if my neighbor won't cut
walkway back I may have to take him to court. Does any one here have

Bill S.