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Rick Hughes
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Default How strict should my Cat5 installation be?

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Cat5 is yesterday!! Why not get into the 21st Century with Dect &
WiFi? No wires, & great for the woman in your life who just has to
move that furniture!

Well, because CAT5 is ten times as cheap, ten times as fast, ten times
more reliable and ten times more secure than DECT and WiFi. And in a
Victorian (actually Edwardian in my case) house it's relatively easy
to get wires under the floor and through walls.

Wireless is great in the many situations where wires aren't practical,
but not as a first choice.

Well I am sure you said the same thing about a cellphone 10 years ago and
look where we are now!!!

cellphones are not secure though, and forever dropping calls or failure to
connect - in a house CAT5 is a more logical choice.