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Ian G Batten
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Default How strict should my Cat5 installation be?

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Phil McKerracher wrote:

"Martin Ktech" wrote in message

Cat5 is yesterday!! Why not get into the 21st Century with Dect & WiFi?
No wires, & great for the woman in your life who just has to move that

Well, because CAT5 is ten times as cheap, ten times as fast, ten times more

If you do Cat 5e it can be twenty times as fast.

reliable and ten times more secure than DECT and WiFi. And in a Victorian

As the custodian of several thousand runs of Cat 5, I'd question
`reliable'. If a base station fails, chuck it and buy another one.
Diagnosing faults in Cat 5 is a real pain. Of course, in a res
environment you'll have plenty of margin for error, but one the cables
get over 50m long you need to be confident they're well terminated.