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Default How strict should my Cat5 installation be?

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Jim Ley wrote:

Ignoring the fact that I agree wired's appropriate, but a single
ethernet to wireless bridge wouldn't cost a fortune, and wouldn't need
anything that invalidated your TiVo warranty.

It would.

By default TiVos (well, UK series 1 models anyway) do not have any sort of
ethernet connection. They rely on a modem that does not work well over
cordless phone extensions.

TiVonet/TurboNet hacks are hardware based and give the TiVo an RJ45 ethernet
port. AirNet provides WiFi by using a pc card on a small adaptor. Both
require the box to be opened (and therefore kill any warranty). A ethernet
to wireless bridge wouldn't help as there would be nowhere on the TiVo to
plug it :-(

for more info.

Darren - this got slightly off topic really :-)