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Daniel Abranko
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Default Plastic Food Wrap, what happened to "Saran Wrap"?

I also noticed that as of late, all the food cling wraps have been
really crummy. The original Saran wrap is made of a patented film
product from Dow-Corning. This stuff is the extremely tenaciously clingy
wrap used in commercial packaging applications, think about pre-cut
chicken pieces, and pallet wrap. The knockoffs use PVC, which is nowhere
nearly as clingy but isnt patented either.


In article N_sFb.421826$Dw6.1302536@attbi_s02,
Loren Coe wrote:

i just saw a commercial for Glad, "Touch & Seal", it reminded me
of 40yr old commercials for SaranWrap, you remember - turn the bowl
upside down?

now i understand that you cannot buy any product like the orig., at
least not imhe(experience), but now i wonder why we are being sold
"new" forty year old technology? was there a patent issue?

just in time for the Holidays, --Loren

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