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Default Question regarding huge linear slide assembly - possibly for sale?

"Kevin Doney" wrote in message

Most people on ebay would want to know if the screw is ball or lead,

A closeup pic has been posted in a previous reply. Rounded grooves,
not an Acme type thread at all. So, it's a ball screw type I think.
The positioning is a little works fine but I never really
lubed it due to sawdust in my shop, etc. The wipers on the lead screw
and rails still appear to be in excellent shape.

the actual travel of the truck(34?)

Yes, 34" give or take a quarter inch or so.

whether you have a motor mount or handle for the end

I suspect that it had a handle at one time. I see no reason that a
positioning motor couldn't be easily mounted somehow. The shaft
extends about 10" from the end of the lead screw, and is about 3/8" in
diameter at the very end.

and finally an estimate of the weight. I do see these selling
all of the time under "CNC" (don't forget to put that in the title).
Where are you and can you estimate the weight?

Location in previous reply. I would estimate that the total assembly
weighs in the 150-175 range. I'm not a small guy at all, and it's all
I can do to pick it up and handle it, and I'm straining at that.

Once again, great questions - thanks for the reply.