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Default Question regarding huge linear slide assembly - possibly for sale?

"lane" [email protected]_dot_com wrote in message ...

Just a thought; you might give us an idea of your location and how much you
are looking to sell it for. That way someone here might have a shot at it.

I am located in Athens, Alabama (5 minutes from I-65 and US Hwy 72 if
that makes a difference). I can probably find a shipper in Huntsville
or Decatur, but I have never shipped anything that couldn't go UPS - I
am ignorant of the hassle factor.

Value is a hard thing. I just KNOW that some company paid several
thousand for this thing, it's simply to massive and linear slides too
hard to make. However, I honestly got it very cheaply several years
ago, so I wouldn't expect more than pennies on the dollar.

Firstly, I need it to be gone. I need the space it is taking up. I
actually had some 8" square tube steel (1/4" wall) cut to use as the
tailstock and headstock. They are still stacked where I left them
five years ago - right beside the 1" flanged pillow block bearings I
was going to use for the drive shaft.

Secondly, I have no way of determining true value. Maybe my
researching skills need help, but I have not been able to find
ANYTHING of similar configuration in any industrial catalog or online.
I can't find any manufacturer's mark or identification anywhere on
the ball-bearing return housing, nor have I seen a similar unit.
Maybe someone could give me a suggestion on what this might have cost
or be worth.

Thirdly, I'd rather give it away for a song than have it set in my
shop unused for several more years. I hate wasted resources. If
someone could legitimately use this item, I'd be very inclined to be
very generous. I trade under the name "insulglass" on eBay, I will
ALWAYS give more value than auction winners expect, and I see no
reason to treat this any differently.

Fourthly, if anyone has any interest, either post back or drop me an
email. I can take some more detailed pictures if anyone wants any.
Oh what the heck, I took some and uploaded them quickly... a few
closeups and different views. The last picture kinda shows where I
was headed with the tube steel.

Lane, thanks very much for your response.I'm taking baby steps on this
item, I appreciate you pointing me in a logical direction.