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Default Fitting Ryobi laser circular saw into case?

I think they give the case design job to the new junior engineer or the
department idiot. There certainly isn't much deep thought put into their
design, and it's a shame. I would use them a lot more if they were designed
well, held all of the options, and didn't require special adjustment of the
tool to get it back into the case. Lately I've been making my own and
throwing out the stupid and useless case that comes with the tool. At least
mine are easier to use and hold everything. It would just be better all
around if the cases were designed right to start with. My latest "useless"
cases are the DeWalt DW618 3 base router with a case that only holds 2 (?)
and has a hole in the inside liner that makes the collets disappear to a
place where they are nearly impossible to recover them from. Another is the
Kreg K3 Professional kit case. You have to dis-assemble the parts that are
commonly used together to get it back into the case and there's no provision
to hold the right angle clamp (that came with it). I'm now making my own
cases for both tools. The tools are both great, but the cases are junk. I
would be much happier if they sold the tools in a cardboard box for less
money. I could then spend the money saved to build good cases.

Sorry about the rant, but this has been a sensitive issue for me in the last
few years. The older "metal" cases just seemed to have much more thought put
into them and I've still got and use them.


"RayV" wrote in message
Throw out the case! I have yet to replace my tired old Irwin speedbors
because I can't find a decent quick connect set in a case.

I love my cases! They keep the tools clean, safer to transport. The
only one I am a little unhappy with is the PC693 dual base case, you
have have the plung base almost completely compressed to get it back in
the case.

Do you take the blades out of your jigsaw or sawzall when you need to
take them somewhere?
Where do you keep the extra blades, bits, allen wrenches, etc.?