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william kossack
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Default anyone know of a good metal working shop

06010482 from MSC was recommened to me originally was item

However, that rod is 3/4 of an inch and the morse taper end mill holder
will go up to 5/8ths

Description Water - Oil - Air Hardening Drill Rod - 36 In. Diameter:
3/4 Tempering Medium: Water Hardening Length: 36
Diameter (Inch) 3/4
Tempering Medium Water Hardening

Or should I pick out a different one

I was also thinking of getting some additional rods for making some
chisels but I'm unsure what to get

Arch wrote:
William FWIW, for amateur machinists like me, "stressproof", a carbon
cold rolled proprietary steel is a good combo between precise bars,
strength/hardness, machinability and cost, and it's widely available.
Someone might suggest a steel better tailored to your purpose, however.

Turn to Safety, Arch