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Default anyone know of a good metal working shop

Hi William,
Your OP was a little vague re hardness of steel and dimensions. If I'm
not prying into details of an invention that you are developing, why do
you need "hard steel" for this device? How hard? Depending on what kind
of hard steel you need, I think shop time & material costs will vary.

You might try rec.crafts.metalworking or similar metal working sites.
I'd think there would be many competent retired or hobby machinists in
the denver area and you might want to establish a local working
relationship for future work.

Again, not meaning to pry, but since you mentioned making several
attempts to make the device, were you attempting to machine it or to
assemble components? If the former and time isn't of the essence and if
you can use a relatively easy to machine steel, with your ability why
not keep on trying.... and learning.

Turn to Safety, Arch