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mac davis
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Default anyone know of a good metal working shop

On Wed, 12 Apr 2006 07:34:40 -0600, william kossack

Bill.. have you talked to Bill Noble yet?
This really sounds like his kind of thing...

what is the cost of the parts?

MSC has parts I could assemble it with and all I would need to do is cut
the bar to the length I need. However, the cost of the MSC parts would
be about $100 for 2 of them (one bar would be cut into two pieces).

I just think a solid bar would be stronger and possibly less expensive?

Hi Bill

Yes I know you are not asking for this but I think you could make one
that would be as strong as a one piece one, or nearly so.

Busy Bee sells MT 2 and 3 with a soft end, specially made so it can be
machined, they are also threaded for a draw bar if needed.

If you get a rod and drill in your lathe, and then tap the thread, take
the MT and drill for the rod to fit in, then braze the rod into the MT
and you would have a very strong assembly, just get a good tight fit
for the rod so it is straight in the MT.

Just a thought of me.

Have fun and take care
Leo Van Der Loo