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Harold and Susan Vordos
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Default KBC advertises 00005 (5 hun-th) caliper

"Trevor Jones" wrote in message
Harold and Susan Vordos wrote:

"Harold and Susan Vordos" wrote in message


Now if someone can tell me how I concluded that post was about calipers,

be a happy camper. Anyone besides me ever have a brain fart like that?


Uhhhmm, Harold...

Do you figure that the header that reads, among other things, "caliper"
might've done it?


Trevor Jones

Chuckle! Thanks, Trevor.

One right after the other with me, eh?

When I read the comments without reading the title, I was at a loss to
explain my post. Yes, indeed, I did read caliper, and went off on my
tirade about their inability. My comments still stand, but I get the idea
that calipers are not what was really intended to be referenced by the OP.