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Chris Friesen
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Default 4" vs 6" ducting for effective dust collecting

Joseph Connors wrote:

Scott Lurndal wrote:

Joseph Connors writes:

4" pipe CAN work for some machines with a large enough blower. It
depends on a lot of factors. Its just for most machines and blowers,
the 6" pipe is required.

In an industrial setting, perhaps. For a home shop?

Where the shop is physically located is irelevent. The
pipe/blower/filtration combination is what matters.

You may wish to also consider the *amount* of exposure. Most hobbyists
do not spend 7-8hrs a day in the shop. Many professionals could.

In a case like this, the hobbyist may realistically decide that a 4"
system is better than nothing, but that the 6" system isn't worth the

Personally, I do software for a living. I am *far* more picky about the
quality of my monitor/chair/desk than most people, because I spend so
much time there.

On the other hand, my current dust collection strategy is a shopvac and
a face mask because I might spend an hour a week actually making dust.