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Default 4" vs 6" ducting for effective dust collecting

mywebaccts (at) wrote:

I'm reading "Bill's Place" (Bill Pentz) and his writeups on what does or
doesn't constitute an effective dust collection system. He insists that
4" ducting is woefully inadequate for safe dust collection. He writes
that 6" is what is needed.

His writeup gets fairly technical and sounds very convincing. But of
course, using 6" ducting greatly increases the cost of the ducting for
my workshop.

Are there other opinions on this or do people pretty much agree that 4"
ducting is inadequate?


What about fine dust escaping the bags or filtration material? Seems
that a 20" hose wouldn't help that issue. There's gonna be SOME fine
material floating around. Wearing a mask is the prudent and least
expensive solution. I'm not about to over engineer some esoteric DC
system when I've next to no problem with my conventional and affordable
system using a 20' 4" hose and 1.5 HP motor equipped DC. It's "good
enough". Now someone with a HUGE shop would be wise to install some
gawd awful expensive cyclone system with automatic blast gates and the
whole nine yards and put the unit outside the shop in an enclosure.
There's a wide range of shop size and sophistication. there's hobby and
there's semi-pro, and pro, and production...