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Scott Lurndal
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Default 4" vs 6" ducting for effective dust collecting

Joseph Connors writes:
Some people have had allergic reactions to wood dust and no longer can
work wood. These reactions can come about after prolonged exposure, with

And some people have allergic reactions to peanuts and can no longer
eat peanut butter. The vast majority of people who have and do work
with wood don't have allergic reactions. Don't blow the problem all
out of proportion.

no obvious ill effects to breathing the dust, and all of a sudden they
either must wear a respirator or not work wood. If you have this genetic
trigger, it can happen right out of the blue with little or no warning.

And whether or not you use dust collection won't prevent it, unless you
have _perfect_ dust collection, which is probably unachievable (no hand
sanding, let someone else empty the collector, vacuum the shop floor
ten times daily, etc.).

4" pipe CAN work for some machines with a large enough blower. It
depends on a lot of factors. Its just for most machines and blowers, the
6" pipe is required.

In an industrial setting, perhaps. For a home shop?