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James \Cubby\ Culbertson
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Default 4" vs 6" ducting for effective dust collecting

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Good point. I'm not sure that 5" piping and connectors are easy to come by
in my are (Los Alamos, NM). All I've seen is the 4" and the 6". But I'll
check in Santa Fe. That might be a nice compromise.

5" is probably more difficult to come by in most places. I'm in ABQ and
while I haven't specifically looked for pipe for my DC yet, I tend to see
only 4" and 6". I'm sure 5" is available from the plumbing supply houses
but it probably costs a bit more. I should have said I'm looking at the
PVC S&D piping. I'm in the process of designing a new shop to build when I
get some time and money and plan to do 6" under the floor with a cyclone
(Bill's Airfoil design) but right now I'm working in my garage where I have
no room for a cyclone or piping. I'll keep an eye out here in town to see
if 5" is more prevalent than I remember and let ya know. I head up to
Angel Fire on a fairly regular basis and we could arrange to meet somewhere
if you wanted me to pick it up.