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Bob G.
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Default 4" vs 6" ducting for effective dust collecting

On Sun, 22 Jan 2006 19:23:38 -0800, Joseph Connors

I converted from 4" to 6" after reading Bill's site. The flow is much
better, though I will need to convert to a cyclone in the near future.

To me, cost is irrelevant. We spend $1000's of dollars on our tools to
make this dust, that if we don't collect right at the source as soon as
it is generated, will end up in our lungs causing us untold health
problems. I say, spend a $1000 or so, forgo the upgrade on that tablesaw
or jointer, and ensure that we can continue woodworking for years to
come. Anything else seems like false economy to me!

Well I tend to agree that 6 inches is much better (mine is 4)..BUT
honestly what did woodworkers like my father loose by spending years
in their shops without any DC's....? My Dad passed away in 2002 at
the age of 87.

I have had my DC system for at least 10 years most likely more BUT to
be truthful I never installed it for health reasons... NOPE..*I just
happen to like relaxing and working in a clean shop.. I retired
almost 8 years ago and have spent at least 3-4 hours in the shop every
day since ... a lot less then that when I was working naturally...

I'm sorry...but spending 1000's of dollars on DC systems for health
reasons to me is not really worth the effort BUT spending that same
amoput of money to increase your enjoyment of life (like a clean shop)
PLUS a more healthful envioroment IS WORTH IT

Will I change over to 6 in runs...??? Ya know I most likely will
BUT only because it would be an interesting project...

Bob G.