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Joseph Connors
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Default 4" vs 6" ducting for effective dust collecting

I converted from 4" to 6" after reading Bill's site. The flow is much
better, though I will need to convert to a cyclone in the near future.

To me, cost is irrelevant. We spend $1000's of dollars on our tools to
make this dust, that if we don't collect right at the source as soon as
it is generated, will end up in our lungs causing us untold health
problems. I say, spend a $1000 or so, forgo the upgrade on that tablesaw
or jointer, and ensure that we can continue woodworking for years to
come. Anything else seems like false economy to me!

mywebaccts (at) wrote:
I'm reading "Bill's Place" (Bill Pentz) and his writeups on what does or
doesn't constitute an effective dust collection system. He insists that
4" ducting is woefully inadequate for safe dust collection. He writes
that 6" is what is needed.

His writeup gets fairly technical and sounds very convincing. But of
course, using 6" ducting greatly increases the cost of the ducting for
my workshop.

Are there other opinions on this or do people pretty much agree that 4"
ducting is inadequate?


Joseph Connors
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