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Pete C.
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Default Linux is Driving me $#@!!!! nutz!!!

Jon Elson wrote:

Cydrome Leader wrote:
In rec.crafts.metalworking Gunner wrote:

Ok..for all you Linux junkies...this has been driving me nuts for
months and months and ... well you get the idea.
Originally..I thought this issue was hardware....but now...

What are you trying to do that justifies all the time wasted on trying to
run anything but windows?

Umm, I've been running Linux systems here, where I have a web server
and a mail server online 24/7. I have not had a successful hacking
attack in over 2 years, but they try 20+ times a day. My (several)
systems are often up for 60 - 90 days before a power outage hits them.
I essentially have never had a real crash. Sometimes a particular
software component gets confused, and I need to manually reset it.
That happens maybe once or twice a year. I have never seen a
software system as reliable as Linux, in 35 years working with
computers. (DEC's VMS came pretty close.)

Yes, there are a few things that still need work, and network
configuration is one of the weak points. They expect you to be
a network guru. I think I did get a regular modem working once,
years ago, and it was a tricky bit of business to complete the
auto login with the scripts, automatically.


I've had VMS systems with uptimes in excess of 800 days.

Pete C.