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Pete C.
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Default Linux is Driving me $#@!!!! nutz!!!

daniel peterman wrote:

Pete what is your electricity bill like and why do you need so many
Are you running a business or do you just like futzing with the things?

I know you guys are gonna laugh but I have been using webtv fo almost 10
years now. Never get a virus, no popups, access to almost any site I
need. I do have a modest pc when I want to scan something or do some
writing. I snagged a couple older Imac's yesterday. Once I get them
sorted out they will be given away.

My electric bill is fairly high, but not from the computers, rather from
electric heat and A/C and that big honkin' welder in the shop.

The various computers serve different purposes.

One is a laptop from work (I work from home)
Another is my personal laptop where I do most of my email and surfing
Another is my "central server" that serves as web server, central
network storage and IVR server
Another is my CAD/graphics PC with dual monitors, flatbed scanner and
graphics tablet
Another is my CNC controller / shop PC out in the detached shop
Another is for my electronics bench (whenever it isn't buried) for
microcontroller development and programming

The two laptops and the central server are on 24x7, the others are on
when I need them.

Pete C.