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Ian Stirling
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Default Cheap import tools and product liability

In rec.crafts.metalworking Spehro Pefhany wrote:
On Fri, 18 Jul 2003 13:05:45 GMT, the renowned Bill

Well, a couple of years ago I bought a $20 hammer drill, knowing that it
would probably fail early. I was right the bearings started going out
on the first job and were really sad on the second, but I went in with
my eyes open. Then a while back I needed a replacement power cord, so I
thought. I will cut the cord off of the hammer drill and get a little
more good out of my $20. Well, the cord didn't have a ground in it. It
had a three prong plug, but no ground wire. So I didn't even get that
last little bit of good out of the drill.

Cripes, if anyone had gotten electrocuted, the plaintiff's lawyer
would have had a field day. No UL approval, I guess.

Double insulated tools don't need a third wire, even on 240V.
The only possible problem (if it was double insulated) would be if there
is a code problem with connecting a 3 pin plug to a 2 wire cord.

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