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Andy Dingley
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Default how to clean lining of Barbour waxed jacket?

On 17 Nov 2005 13:50:20 -0800, "jklwood" wrote:

My good old Barbour Border is getting a bit funky inside. How does one
clean the tartan fabric if the jacket cannot be put in the washer?

One way is to send it back to Barbour. If you have elbow wear etc. they
do an _excellent_ repair service and they come back nice and clean too.

Otherwise[*] I've been known to stick them through the spare washing
machine (the one for overalls) and then just re-proof them afterwards.

For general light crud, I lay them flat out on the garage concrete drive
and scrub them with carpet shampoo and a scrubbing brush, then line-dry

[*] "The cat's being car-sick"

'Stick him on my wax jacket. We'll clean it up later'


'I meant on the _wax_ side of my jacket'